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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Champaner Series | Shaher ki Masjid | Part 2

After the topsy turvy ride from Vadodara station to Champaner I was all set to explore the treasures of the past.(To know about the Champaner and my interesting journey click on this link Champaner Series- The journey-part 1

Entry Gate

It was 8 am when I reached the gates of Champaner world heritage site. My joys were dampen when I saw huge crowd of people at the gate, blowing those crazy horns, donning goggles and taking selfies,for a second I thought coming in navaratris was a bad idea specially with Pavagadh Kalkaji temple just opposite this site.

Lekin ab aaye hu toh dekh kar toh pakka jaunga

The gate through which  I entered the site is known as South Bhadra Gate. 

Plaque outside the Entry Gate


I walked through a passage with a big partition wall and then came across a huge second gate.

Huge second gate

When I entered this gate I saw the fortification wall on the left.

Fortification wall

 Actually this fortification wall runs around this Champaner site and the two mosques Shaher ki Masjid and Jami Masjid lies within this complex.The other three mosques i.e Brick Masjid , Kevada Masjid and Nagina Masjid on the outer side of the fortification wall.

One can see the Fortification wall in the picture

Moving towards the right side I come across a beautiful mosque Saher ki Masjid. Just outside the mosque there is this small ticket office where I paid Rs 30 as entry fee,I was informed by the office bearer that I have to retain the ticket after visiting this Masjid as the same ticket has to be shown at the entry point of Jami Masjid also. 

Beautiful Shaher Ki Masjid

Shaher ki Masjid, if literally translated means " Mosque of the city". Basically it's a private mosque built for the royal family and nobles of Gujarat Sultanate during 15-16 Century.

Mix of Indian and Islamic Architechure

Talking of the architectural aspects of this masjid, it's a mix of Indian trabeate consisting of pillars and beams and Islamic arcuate consisting of columns and arch.

Me standing on the raised platform
on which this mosque is built.

This Masjid is constructed on a raised platform.with well maintained lawn in front of the mosque. ASI has done the good job of maintaining this heritage.

 The Mosque has a large prayer hall admeasuring 56x40 metres.

Large Prayer Hall

This prayer hall has five Mirhabs and can be accessed through a central arched entrance flanked by two minarets on both sides.

Two Minarets

Central gate 

In addition to this there are two arched entrances on either side of the central one fringed by Jharokhas.

Jharokas next to the entrances

There are large domes on top corresponding to each arched entrance. The Minarets have some exquisite cravings which appears more hindu in nature than islamic. 

 Exquisite cravings
Absorbing the beautiful sight of this amazing mosque I moved on to explore the next gem Jami Masjid. Please stay tuned for my next blog on Iteri Masjid.(⇐ click here to read)

Thank You

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