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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Summarized History of Bijapur

Summarized  History of Bijapur

What was formerly known as Bijapur is called Vijayapur today.Bijapur city is well known for its historical monuments and their architectural importance especially the monuments built during the Adil Shahi Dynasty.

Chalukyas of Kalyani established this ancient township in 10th or 11 century later it was passed to Yadavs after the Chalukyas demise.

In the 13th Century the city came under the influence of the khilji Sultanate in Delhi.

In 1347 Bijapur was taken over by the Bahami sultanate of Gulbarga.

In 1518, Bahami Sultanate was divided into 5 states known as Deccan sultanate.One of which was Bijapur.

Adil Shahi Dynasty ruled between 1490-1686.What we see today at Bijapur, I mean mostly can be attributed to Adil Shahi.

In 1686, Aurangzeb conqured Bijapur and thus ended Adil Shahi's reign.

In 1724 Nizam of Hyderabad took over Bijapur.

In 1760 Marathas defeated Nizam of Hyderabad.

In 1818 The Maratha Peshwa was defeated by the british and Bijapur was passed on to Bristish East India Company.

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