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Monday, February 26, 2018

Nageshwar Jyotiling | Gujarat Series

Yesterday we visited some local temples of Dwarka( you can click here to read the earlier blog), Today we decided to explore the temples which are on the outskirts of Dwarka city.

Ceiling Of the Swami Narayan Temple visited during the local sightseeing yesterday.

As usual we all got up early and were ready by 7:30 am. In order to do the sight seeing of Nageshwar Temple, Bet Dwarka and Rukmani Temple ,we had the option to take either the Local bus or our own private vehicle viz hired car or autoriksha. Knowing our passion for photo sessions I was very sure that the public bus option could be a disaster. "Kyo ki hum logo ko toh photo ka angle decide karne me hi 15 minute lag jate hai aur photo lena toh door ki baat"  hence we decided to go by the local autoriksha. The auto drive from Dwarka to Nageshwar was very adventurous, you must be wondering Why adventurous ?, Well when you happen to travel with three ladies and that too in an autoriksha, you have no option but to sit with the auto driver, so for now, all three ladies were on the back seat and me enjoying the chilly breeze of Dwarka sitting along the auto driver on the front seat. Hawa hawa, Talking of Hawa i.e wind we noticed that it was quite windy in this region consequent to which series of windmills can be seen on the way to Nageshwer temple from Dwarka.

Windmills along the road on the way to Nageshwar Temple

Nageshwar Temple is around 17 kms from Dwarka. The ride was little bumpy but morning chill made it quite enjoyable and by 8:30 am we were at the Temple.

The tall Shiva statue can be seen from far  with an impressive Arc like gate and you realise that you have arrived.

Gigantic gate and tall Shiva Statue 

Nageshwar Jyotingling templeis one of the 12 Jyotilings. However what I found very different here was the absence of ancientness about the temple. The structure looked quite contemporary in architecture and design.I have seen many Jyotiling Temples they are mostly built of stone.Anyway mere ko kya, kyo ki agar maine kuch jyada bola toh there is every chance of me displeasing my wife who is a devout follower of Lord Shiva.

Well me and my daughter decided upon the angle to take the picture and all this while the helpless auto driver was wondering yeh logo kab andar jayenge darshan ke liye... Bechare ko pata nahi aage kya hone wala hai 😜

Finally angle set, hum aur bhagwan sath sath me πŸ˜„
In the meanwhile my wife went about to purchase the offerings to god I got busy with my shoot and as I was clicking the picture of the Lord Shiva Statue I noticed there was a peacock perched on its head . Oh What a sight it was!

Peacock perched on the head of Lord Shiva 

There are few tales associated with this temple, one been that once there was a fierce Rakshas named Daruk who lived in the forest with his wife Daruka , Due to the powers granted by Parvati by the way of boon to Daruk he had become very arrogant  and in one of his act of meanness he captured Supriya a great devotee of Lord Shiva and with his associates and imprisoned all of them in a hidden Dungeon. Supriya who was an ardent devotee, had full faith in god so he kept on worshiping, chanting non stop Om namo Shivaye... despite all the torture inflicted upon him. Seeing his unconditional devotion Lord Shiva came to his rescue  and vanquished the demons and the Jyotiling was establisehed and the place became known as Darukvanam ( Dwarka Forest) while the linga came to be know as Naganath.

Standing in front of the temple you are dwarfed by this gigantic Statue of Lord Shiva. ( I was told that late Gulshan Kumar of T-series  has initiated the construction of the same so as to popularize this place). we all entered the main gate and quickly rushed towards the waiting queue where we someone reminded us that we need to keep our mobile and camera shut. following the small crowd guided by the steel pipe barricades we reached the main hall of the temple. 

Contemporary looks of the temple

Iske baad woh hi hua jo her mandir me hota hai, standing in the queue I paid my respect to the god but my wife been a devout devotee wanted to do pour the water on the jyotiling and do the Aarti so she went ahead near the shivling, when the poojari rudely stopped her and asked Aap log kitne log ho jine andhar jana hai we said 3 and he said 600Rs fee, 200 per person. I later saw that they had placed a board mentioning the rates. I was put off so I moved away from there because I know I dont need such agents , Apna connection waise bhi god ke sath direct hai.

Once the Darshan were done we hopped back into out waiting auto to our next destination Gopi Talav. 

Stay tuned for my next blog on Gopi Talav

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